We recommend our unique, patented tea steeper developed by Dr. Sin Hang Lee and designed to eliminate all free air from the container in which the tea is brewed.  The OX® oxygen exclusion tea steeper set is available in several attractive designs in our Tea Shop.  The base of the OX® steeper set incorporates a reservoir to protect against spills as well as a convenient holder in which to rest the lid while enjoying the soothing taste of our TeaForHealth®.

To enjoy the fullest benefits of TeaForHealth®, the following steps are recommended:

Place 3-15 gm (about 1 teaspoon), in our OX® oxygen exclusion steeper to brew for maximum preservation of antioxidants.

Pour boiling hot water to fill the steeper to the rim.

Cover the steeper with the OX® oxygen exclusion lid and let the over-flowing hot water run down the steeper sides to the base.

Steep the tea for 20 minutes until the hot tea cools enough to drink.  All tea leaves should sink to the bottom when the tea is ready.  If the tea leaves remain floating, this is an indication that the water used was not hot enough.

Drink the tea within one hour; or separate the tea liquid from the leaves, cool the tea immediately, and store it in a refrigerator to be consumed within 24 hours.


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